How to Become More Involved in Local Politics

( – One of the best ways to effect changes locally is to become active in local politics. While that suggestion might sound daunting, it’s actually much easier to accomplish than most people imagine. It also helps people participate in their communities more fully and develop an appreciation for unique challenges and solutions.

One of the first and easiest ways to become more involved in local politics involves simply showing up. Attend local town hall meetings and learn about some of the community’s issues. Local congress members typically post schedules for town hall meetings, but many cities also post schedules on their websites. Constituents can also bring issues of concern to the meetings and let their national representatives know their viewpoints.

Along those same lines, consider attending city council meetings to voice concerns to local elected officials like council members, the mayor, the city manager, or the comptroller. City council meetings help to provide a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of how local governments run and often give insight into cost and management issues. However, members have a mandate to consider suggestions and differing viewpoints.

The school board is another local political body that people often overlook. Yet, local school boards significantly impact education quality and student experiences. Become involved by attending meetings. Most people who become school board members have never run for or held a public office before. They’re concerned community members who just want to make a difference.

Finally, parents, grandparents, and educators should join the local Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). In fact, anyone who wants to help or benefit community schools can join the PTA and participate in volunteer activities that benefit students, schools, and their communities. The PTA can advocate for kids, schools, and families, provide tools for information sharing, and allow valuable networking among parents, educators, and community volunteers.

All it takes is attending local events like town halls, city council meetings, school board meetings, and PTA events for people to become involved in local politics and positively influence their communities. Some may eventually take the next step and run for a school board position, city council, or even for a statehouse or congress, but the roots of any community remain its citizens’ local involvement.

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