Haley Slammed for Ignoring Slavery, According to Voter

(LibertySons.org) – Debates and town hall meetings have allowed voters to speak with and question candidates for the GOP presidential nomination. In Berlin, New Hampshire’s town hall, held Wednesday, December 27, a constituent asked former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, “What was the cause of the United States’ civil war?” After listening to her answer, the citizen rebuked her for ignoring slavery as a primary motivating factor.

Initially, Haley chuckled and said, “Well don’t come with an easy question or anything” before launching her answer. She said she believed the cause was a fundamental difference in opinion on how government should run and what freedoms people should have. She briefly turned the question around and asked the voter what he thought caused the civil war.

The questioner told her, “I’m not running for president,” to which someone in the crowd called out, “That’s a good thing.” The voter pressed on to point out that he wanted to know Haley’s position. She answered that the civil war “always comes down to” the government’s role and people’s rights.

She expanded by saying she stood by her belief in the limited role of government to secure citizens’ rights and freedoms rather than to meet all their needs or tell them how to live. She said the government only needed to ensure free-market capitalism, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion to allow people the opportunity to reach their full potential.

After she finished her answer, the questioner thanked her, but he told her he found it “astonishing” that she neglected to use the word slavery in her answer even once. Instead of letting it drop, Haley responded to the inquirer, saying, “What do you want me to say about slavery?” The asker replied, “You’ve answered my question, thank you.”

In a follow-up radio interview with Jack Heath on “Good Morning New Hampshire with Jack Heath” on Thursday, December 28, Haley said, “I mean, of course, the Civil War was about slavery.” However, she pointed out that Americans needed to glean the overarching lesson from the historic war. Furthermore, Haley accused Democrats of planting the inquisitor, who only gave his name as Patrick to reporters, to confuse voters.

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