Gunman Shoots Innocent People on Easter, Leaving One Dead and Seven Injured

( – Christians and others worldwide gathered on March 31 to observe Easter. In Nashville, Tennessee, many families attended a brunch at a local restaurant. Sadly, the meal ended in horror.

On Sunday afternoon, officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department received a call about a shooting at Roasted Salemtown restaurant. According to reports, two men got into an argument at a brunch when the altercation escalated. One of the men, Anton Rucker, 46, allegedly pulled out a gun and began firing.

One of Rucker’s alleged bullets hit and killed Allen Beachem. Law enforcement believes the 33-year-old was the other man involved in the shooting. Five others were also hit with bullets and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Two others were also injured, one from a bullet grazing them and a pregnant woman who suffered a panic attack.

The alleged gunman fled the restaurant after the shooting. Police asked the public to help locate him, saying the establishment had clear surveillance footage that showed what happened. They don’t know how the men knew one another but said the suspect was the only one to pull out a gun.

Officers reported panic in the restaurant after the shooting took place. They interviewed people at the hospital after the incident. Police commander Anthony McClain told reporters the altercation between the two men could have been about “something as simple as one person invading another person’s space.”

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the police department revealed Rucker has a criminal history for other violent offenses, including aggravated assault and drug charges.

Rucker was allegedly driving a grey Mercedes GLS 450 when he left the restaurant. Police found the vehicle abandoned that evening. The police department is asking anyone with information about the shooting or the suspect to call them at 615-862-8600.

Don Aaron, a police department spokesperson, said he believed officers would find the suspect because they were good at their jobs.

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