GOP Mayor in Cross-Dressing Controversy Dies by Suicide Following Photo Leak

( – News bloggers, while enthusiastic, usually work without the benefit of editors or other managers to moderate content. The independent conservative site released a bombshell story on November 1 about a cross-dressing pastor and GOP small-town Alabama mayor despite the man’s pleas to scrub the piece. Two days later, the politician committed suicide in front of police officers.

Craig Monger, author of the blog, decided to publish the exposé about F.L. “Bubba” Copeland, the Republican mayor of the tiny town of Smiths Station, boasting a population of just under 7,000 people. Copeland also served as the pastor of the First Baptist Church in the nearby town of Phenix City. Yet, the pastor had a secret only his wife knew: he had a secret private Reddit account under the name Brittini Blaire Summerlin, wore his wife’s clothing and makeup, and described himself as “A Transitioning Transgender Curvy Girl.”

After Monger confronted Copeland with evidence of the social media page, the mayor reluctantly granted the blogger an interview to explain that the postings were simply a “hobby” filled with “fantasy.” According to Monger’s article, Copeland “emphatically denied” feeling feminine or undertaking transition therapy.

Copeland told Monger that his wife remained the only person who knew about the page or his hobby of cross-dressing, and he begged the blogger to maintain his privacy because his private activities had no bearing on his political or holy life.

Speaking at the church after the article’s release on Wednesday, Copeland told his congregation he had become “an object of an internet attack,” according to Newsweek. He told parishioners the article didn’t represent him or his values and said that the writer had taken things he said “out of context.” He admitted he and his wife privately took photos as a humorous project to relieve stress and apologized for causing the church and congregants any embarrassment.

On Friday, November 3, Sheriff’s officers followed Copeland, attempting to perform a welfare check after receiving a request. About 15 miles north of Smiths Station, the pastor stopped, left his vehicle, showed a gun, and shot and killed himself. The 49-year-old leaves behind his wife, Angela, and three children.

Pastor Dr. Kevin Young tweeted, “We must end LGBTQ+ persecution.” Columnist Kyle Whitmire pointed out in a post on X, formerly Twitter, “ This didn’t have to happen.”

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