Gaetz Urges DOJ Inspector General to Investigate Jack Smith

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith, in coordination with the Department of Justice (DOJ), recently pressed the US Supreme Court to fast-track a review. The court is assessing Donald Trump’s claims that he is immune from prosecution as part of his privileges as a US president. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) alleges prosecutors can’t give a good reason for their demands that the judges reach a speedy decision, and he wants the department’s inspector general to investigate.

The Daily Wire reports that it received an exclusive copy of the letter Gaetz sent to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The document, dated March 6, states that members of law enforcement and prosecution are forbidden from timing their investigations in any way that purposefully interferes with an election.

Gaetz alleges that Smith has no good reason to press for a “rapid” assessment from the US Supreme Court. He concludes that the special counsel is acting solely to disrupt the 2024 general election by attempting to time a trial right before Americans set out to vote for their next president.

Smith and other DOJ officials state in their reply to the court that they want an expedited decision because the charges against Trump are “of the utmost gravity.” They allege that the former president engaged in criminal activity while he was the US leader. Specifically, they claim he attempted to manipulate the constitutional process of certifying the country’s next elected choice solely to keep his position and then claimed presidential immunity from prosecution for that act. The DOJ wants a decision on said immunity claims as soon as possible, so it can pursue its case before Trump has a chance to regain a position of power.

Gaetz alleges that Smith’s move is just more political theater. He notes that the election season is well underway and cites other examples where he believes the DOJ has interfered with Trump’s campaign.

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