Gaetz Reacts To McHenry Sending Lawmakers Home

( – Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) took on the role of temporary House speaker after Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lost the position. McHenry immediately made headlines with some of his first actions, one of which was to send everyone home for a week. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) slammed the interim speaker for pandering to lawmakers who were upset over McCarthy’s ousting when they should be getting straight to work finding his replacement.

Gaetz appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Tuesday, September 3, to defend his motion to vacate McCarthy’s position. He told the host that he never thought he would have to use the “one vote” exit loophole the House had set up to hold over McCarthy’s head because he thought the California representative would stick to all of his promises. Instead, Gaetz claims he saw the corruption and padded bill passing continue as it had before.

One of Gaetz’s biggest issues is the fact that nine months into McCarthy’s speakership, he hadn’t yet made any moves toward furthering the probe into Hunter Biden’s potentially shady business dealings. McCarthy promised to use subpoenas and funding to get to the truth, says the Florida representative, but his California peer didn’t follow through.

Gaetz told Bolling that the House was now looking for a speaker who would “get the job done.” He defended the disorder that could result from McCarthy’s departure by stating that the real “chaos” was hitting much closer to home for the average US citizen. The Florida lawmaker listed the dollar’s lost value, the country’s $33 trillion debt, and a future budget that’s sure to only worsen as among the most pressing issues.

Gaetz criticized McHenry for sending the House home until Tuesday, October 10. He said representatives should be working immediately on electing their next speaker so they can take care of the issues that are truly important to the American people.

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