Former Speaker Detail Biden’s Scripted Style Behind Closed Doors

Former Speaker Detail Biden’s Scripted Style Behind Closed Doors

( – Last week, President Biden had his annual physical exam, and his official doctor painted a glowing picture of the president’s health –- his physical health, anyway. The state of his mind was carefully ignored despite growing worries that Biden no longer has the mental competence to do the job. Now, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has discussed his own experiences of working with the president, and it isn’t reassuring.

McCarthy Says Biden “Not The Same Man”

On February 28, McCarthy, the former California congressman who presided over the House for most of last year, talked to Fox News about his experience with Biden. McCarthy spent almost 18 years in Congress and met Biden many times. He told Fox that he’d met him often when he was vice president and then again after he took his current office, and said, “He’s not the same man… There’s times I met with him as president; much different than the times I met with him before.” He added that if he was responsible for Biden’s physical exams the first thing he would do is get him to take a cognitive test.

McCarthy also said that when he met with Biden in private, the president used prompt cards in lieu of a teleprompter, and “He would read from the card.” He said Biden “just sticks to the cards” and can’t continue if you try to discuss something that isn’t written down for him.

This isn’t the first suggestion that Biden needs notes to hold any kind of conversation. Last month, a British newspaper reported that Democrat donors are growing worried because the president regularly uses cards or pre-written sheets even in private conversations. One reason donors contribute to politicians is that it buys them a chance to have more free-flowing, open discussions, and they’re concerned that Biden doesn’t seem able to do that anymore.

Is It Just Age?

Fox co-host Dagen McDowell brought up Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), pointing out that just after his 82nd birthday, he had announced he was stepping down after this year’s elections; she said, “I feel like it’s a nod to the current president, ‘It’s OK to step down.’” McCarthy agreed, adding that Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is almost as old as Biden but, mentally, is very different. He said it might not be necessary to have an age limit –- although he noted that many other professions, such as commercial pilots, have them –- but insisted that Biden “is not the age” to continue serving as president. The question is whether Biden will admit that to himself before November.

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