Former Senator Alleges She Was Attacked On Her Run

( – An Adidas-commission survey recently found that 92% of women runners feel unsafe during outdoor runs. On November 8, former US senator and US Air Force combat pilot Martha McSally (R-AZ) reported a man attacked and molested her while she was running along the Missouri River.

McSally spoke to reporters while “still in an adrenaline state,” reporting that the man approached her from behind, grabbed and restrained her, and molested and fondled her until she fought free. After breaking loose, McSally, a trained combat veteran with 26 years in the Air Force, went on the attack, chasing the man down while calling the police.

Speaking to reporters, she said she was working to calm herself neurologically because the attack “tapped into” previous assaults she suffered in school and at the hands of a superior officer while serving in the Air Force. She never formally reported the rape in the military, saying she “didn’t trust the system at the time.”

The attack occurred in Council Bluffs, Iowa, across the river from Omaha, Nebraska, where McSally was lecturing Wednesday evening about overcoming fear and developing a brave heart. She said the situation forced her to put her advice to the test and take back her power for this instance and past circumstances. Describing her fight or flight reaction, she said, “it wasn’t really even a decision.”

She described how her assailant “tried to take power” from her and how her decision to turn and fight reversed the power dynamic. She said, “he was running from me.” Yet, the former senator also noted she was not advising other women on “how to respond in situations like this.”

On November 10, a joint task force of Omaha and Council Bluff police reported they had apprehended and arrested a suspect in the attack, identified as Dominic Henton, 25, of Papillion, Nebraska. Authorities believe Henton is a transient who stays near the riverfront in both Omaha and Council Bluffs. McSally had a message for her alleged attacker: “You picked the wrong target.”

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