Former Malibu Baseball Prospect Faces Murder Charges

( – A former star baseball player at his local Christian high school is facing possible murder charges after allegedly plowing into parked cars and hitting four college students who’d been walking close by. Officials declared all four young women dead at the scene, and they charged the suspect with one count each of murder and vehicular manslaughter for each death.

Prosecutors allege 22-year-old Fraser Bohm hit speeds over 100 miles per hour in a 45 zone before he lost control of his vehicle. He was on a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway known as “Dead Man’s Curve” due to the number of fatalities that have occurred there. According to investigators, the young man hit multiple cars, which then careened into the victims. Asha Weir, Deslyn Williams, Niamh Rolston, and Peyton Stewart — all members of the sorority chapter Alpha Phi — died, and another two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Bohn’s attorney insists the young man wasn’t driving under the influence of any controlled substances, according to Fox News, although the suspect may have been texting prior to the crash. Bohn reportedly has no previous offenses. His family owns an estate that overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, worth $8.7 million, but sources are unclear on whether the 22-year-old went on to college or established himself anywhere outside of high school.

Local news source KTLA reports that the attorney also claims Bohn was driving fast to get away from a pursuing vehicle. He alleges the young man had an altercation with someone at a nearby restaurant and bar, which led to another suspect attempting to run Bohn off the street in a fit of “road rage.” He says he’s identified the third party and has video footage to back his claims.

ABC 7 reports that Bohn, who pleaded not guilty to his charges, remains in police custody on a $4 million bail. If convicted of all counts, he could serve multiple life sentences.

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