Former GOP Lawmaker Posts Picture of Ornaments With Democrats in Nooses

( – The holidays inspire many to perform acts of kindness and charity. However, the merriment and festivities bring out the impish and mischievous side in some. On Christmas Day, Derrick Evans, a former GOP lawmaker from West Virginia currently running for Congress, posted a greeting to social media showing a collage of images without explanation. One included a Christmas tree with homemade ornaments featuring dolls of top Democratic leaders hanging by nooses from the brightly lit tree while a toy depiction of former President Donald Trump looked on and waved.

Another image from the collage noted that Evans had resigned from the West Virginia House after the federal government charged him for participating in the January 6, 2021, insurrection. A third image showed a picture of him from that day, wearing what looked like a motorcycle helmet and green fatigues. Evans included his profile, where he self-identified as a J6 patriot currently running for Congress.

After receiving a firestorm of criticism, Evans removed his post on X, formerly Twitter, although The Tennessee Holler posted a screen capture of it. He posted a follow-up but then removed it and deleted his account. However, not before The Tennessee Holler also grabbed a screen capture of his second post.

Evans pointed out that it wasn’t his tree or his ornaments. He admitted that the tree, humor, and post lacked good taste, but he denied calling for violence. He stated, “I shouldn’t have used a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus for anything political.” He appealed for everyone to spend the day with loved ones, celebrating peacefully.

However, the candidate’s first post caused many people to question his motives. Several called for the FBI and Secret Service to investigate because they considered the image an implicit threat. Others invoked Section Three of the 14th Amendment, calling to disqualify Evans from running for public office. Still, others questioned his sincerity regarding Christian values for making such a perceived attack on Christmas day.

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