Former General Alerts of Dire Threats to US from Islamic State Following Moscow Assault

( – ISIS-K terrorists attacked a Russian concert and killed more than 140 people in March. The attack was the latest escalation for the terrorist organization. The former commander of US Central Command recently issued a disturbing warning.

Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Easter Sunday. The former commander drew a straight line from the US withdrawal from Afghanistan to the ISIS-K attack on the Moscow music hall. The general explained that he believed the situation deteriorated after America withdrew from the Middle Eastern nation because they were no longer putting pressure on the terrorists.

McKenzie explained that the absence of the US and its allies allowed the terrorists, like ISIS-K, to grow and plan more attacks. He warned there’s a threat to America, too, because the terrorists will continue to keep trying to launch an attack on US soil.

“I think the threat is growing,” the retired four-star general said matter-of-factly. He went on to say he thinks an attack is “inevitable.”

McKenzie thinks the US should have kept a small presence in Afghanistan like it did in Iraq. Unfortunately, the Afghan government fell apart, allowing the Taliban to take back control, and they made it clear the US was not welcome. Additionally, the Taliban has not worked with the Pentagon to prevent or respond to terrorist attacks. As a result, the US no longer has the ability to prevent attacks before they happen.

The former general acknowledged that, saying the military has “almost no ability to see into” Afghanistan “and almost no ability to strike” there either. He said that no longer having the ability to put pressure on the terrorists inside of their country has made it difficult to prevent attacks. That has allowed them to get more powerful and coordinate more acts of terror.

ISIS-K is the same organization that carried out the Abbey Gate bombing in Afghanistan when the withdrawal was taking place in 2021. Thirteen American service members and over 150 Afghans died in the attack.

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