Former Border Patrol Officer Reveals Biden and Harris’ Wrongdoings

( – President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris blame Republicans for the problems at the border. They are especially angry at Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Operation Lone Star. However, the former Border Patrol chief made a shocking allegation during a recent interview.

The March 3 episode of “60 Minutes” on CBS tackled the issues at the border. Abbott and multiple law enforcement officers appeared on the program. Raul Ortiz was among those who sat down for an interview. He was the Border Patrol chief under President Joe Biden until his retirement in May 2023 and also served as the deputy chief during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Ortiz slammed politicians, including Governor Greg Abbott, for playing politics when it comes to border policy. He said that he never spoke to Biden and Harris while he was in office. “That’s a problem,” he declared. Ortiz commanded more than 21,000 agents and was on the frontlines of the border crisis every day, but the president and vice president didn’t seek him out personally to ask for his expertise.

The former chief explained that when agencies, both federal and state, are making policies based on whether they can get attention in the media or on politics and placing all of their personnel in one area for attention, it leaves other areas vulnerable.

“What about the other 200 miles?” he asked.

Ortiz stated that the government needs to ensure that immigrants from Central America, Mexico, and South America know that if they enter the US illegally and don’t have a credible asylum claim, “you’re gonna be sent back.”

The former head of Border Patrol went on to say Biden and his administration have “most definitely” sent mixed messages to migrants.

The Biden administration has deported more than 4 million migrants since taking office, but over 3 million have been allowed to stay in the US to await their immigration hearings. But an estimated 1.6 million migrants have entered undetected, “60 Minutes” reported.

The influx has completely overwhelmed cities and states, and the administration’s lack of communication appears to demonstrate how important they think the problem is — or isn’t in this particular instance.

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