Flight Redirected Due to Bomb Threat

(LibertySons.org) – A domestic airline jet had to make an emergency landing after someone found a bomb threat written on a note in one of the plane’s bathrooms. The flight was supposed to go to Los Angeles, but the pilot redirected the plane to Chicago, Illinois, where officials searched it for explosive materials.

CBS News reports that United Flight 1533 started its fragmented trip in New Jersey, leaving Newark Liberty International Airport at 6:05 a.m. Less than two hours into the flight, crew members informed passengers that the plane would be making an emergency landing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. They confined everyone to their seats, waiting until the aircraft landed before explaining that there was a note on one of the bathroom mirrors claiming a bomb was hidden somewhere onboard.

The plane remained far from the terminal for safety reasons, and passengers had to leave all of their belongings on the plane as the airline bussed them away from the potential threat. Members of law enforcement searched the vehicle with a drug-sniffing K9 unit, which identified a carry-on bag as being suspicious. The New York Post states that police were able to connect the note to the bag, and law enforcement questioned the individual who had brought it onto the plane. A representative from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Chicago office said the investigation is still ongoing, but they’ve found no indications that there was any actual threat. There’s still no word as to whether they took anyone into custody.

The scare comes a little over a month after another United flight — this one taking off from Tampa, Florida, and slated to land in Chicago — had to divert plans less than an hour after takeoff. An indicator light warned that a sealed-off emergency exit was in danger of coming off mid-flight, threatening a repeat of an incident that had occurred the previous week during an Alaska Airlines flight.

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