FBI Investigates Tiffany Henyard Following Subpoena

(LibertySons.org) – In 2021, Tiffany A. Henyard became the first African American woman and the youngest mayor of the Village of Dolton in Illinois. She secured 82% of the vote from her constituents and has been serving the town ever since. But Henyard isn’t without controversy. She has been subject to an investigation that led to two federal subpoenas in mid-April.

On April 29, Fox 32 Chicago announced it obtained copies of those legal documents. A few days earlier, law enforcement officials served them on Henyard in Thornton Township. Former FBI Agent Ross Rice concluded that Henyard was the target of a growing criminal investigation.

One subpoena was reportedly all about the Democratic mayor, her two businesses, her political fund, and a charity with her name on it. The legal document apparently asked for several items, including wage and tax statements, time and attendance records, contracts, checks written to “cash,” and personnel files.

The second subpoena requested township records, including budgets, payroll records, expense reimbursement records, security details, ordinances regarding credit card purchases, and vehicle use information. It also called for payment and credit card expenses for several township employees, including the mayor’s boyfriend.

Fox 32 Chicago previously lamented who was paying for Henyard’s travel expenses, and now the federal government wants to know, too. The mayor previously faced allegations related to her travel, personal expenses, and handling taxpayer money. Complaints have also been made to the FBI about her. The Dolton village board even tried to begin an investigation into Henyard’s spending, but she vetoed the measure in March.

As for the current push, Rice said the scope of the inquiry was “very broad,” encompassing many people and entities. He guessed authorities were looking into “some serious allegations.” He didn’t speculate further.

Mayor Henyard has not made a statement about the alleged ongoing investigation or the subpoenas.

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