FBI Informant Accused of Lying

(LibertySons.org) – An agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has been accused of lying about President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden during interviews. The informant reportedly fabricated that the two received millions of dollars to help target the job of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings, where the First Son was a board member. The informant allegedly lied about the president taking bribes and abusing his position of power.

The 37-page indictment, issued on February 14, lists President Biden as “Public Official 1” and his son, Hunter Biden, as “Businessperson 1.” It alleges Alexander Smirnov, a confidential human source with the FBI, repeatedly gave false information to his handling agent about the two despite admonishments over the potential fabrications.

The document specifically accuses Smirnov of claiming in March 2017 to have had a telephone call with the owner of Burisma Holdings to discuss the company’s interest in a US company. While discussing the call with their handling agent, they relayed “Businessperson 1’s” position as a board member as news, even though it was already common knowledge by then. The incident allegedly occurred two months after Biden left the vice-presidential office.

Smirnov allegedly added to his claims in June 2020 with statements that he had met twice with Burisma executives, who said the company hired “Businessperson 1” to serve as protection “through his dad.” The defendant allegedly stated that the individual and his father each received $5 million to have Ukraine’s prosecutor general, who was investigating Burisma, removed from his position.

According to the indictment, Smirnov twisted the truth for the purpose of politically smearing President Biden. It claims the Ukrainian prosecutor general was fired in February 2016, before Smirnov met with anyone at Burisma — and while Biden wasn’t serving in any public office. The defendant allegedly repeated his claims in a September 2023 FBI interview, but some of the information changed to support a new narrative that he had also met with officials from Russia.

Fox News reports that Smirnov could serve up to 25 years in prison if he’s found guilty of lying during the formal interviews.

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