Fact Check: Biden Video About a Draft was AI-Generated

(LibertySons.org) – The Post Millennial recently shared a video generated using artificial intelligence (AI) that gives a “sneak preview” of President Joe Biden announcing the return of the U.S. draft. The video offers a glimpse into the country’s possible future if the administration were to continue its efforts to aid Ukraine. The clip went viral on X, formerly called Twitter, outraging some social media users, even though its creator made no attempt to pass off the video as real.

The clip, which gives itself away with a host of irregular lip movements, fakes Biden telling the U.S. people that the combined efforts of Russia and China have created a security crisis too massive for the current military force to handle. Under the guidance of his advisors, says the deepfake, he has decided to activate the Selective Service Act.

“Human Events Daily” host Jack Posoblec insists that his show’s generated video offers viewers a “pre-creation” of the future. The conservative podcast host foresees the possibility of 20-year-olds across the country being among the first to find themselves forced into a national draft lottery. He presents the situation as grave, approaching it as an inevitable slippery slope that would result from continued U.S. involvement in Ukraine’s defense against the long-standing Russian invasion.

Social media has become a virtual land minefield when it comes to explosive content. Users must tread more carefully than ever to avoid falling into the traps of instigators and trolls. Deepfakes and other questionable uses of AI technology have been around for some time, according to USA Today, but until recently, they were too expensive for the common person to create. Advances in software have made phony images and videos easier than ever to make, although most still aren’t foolproof.

Axios reminds people to be extra careful about fact-checking these days. It adds that taking the time to verify the source of a photo or video can go a long way in saving users unnecessary upset.

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