Evers Promises to Veto Bills Restricting Abortion Access in State of the State Address

(LibertySons.org) – After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, states began to legislate the abortion issue. Some decided to enshrine women’s reproductive rights into their constitutions, while others severely restricted access to healthcare. According to The New York Times, Wisconsin law currently allows abortions up to 22 weeks, but Republican lawmakers are trying to shorten that duration — a move Wisconsin’s governor vowed to veto.

On January 23, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers delivered his State of the State speech, where he addressed the women of his state directly. The state leader said for the past 10 years, about 60% of residents in Wisconsin support legal abortion in most cases. Still, he said Republicans are trying to restrict reproductive rights in the state. Evers told the women he would veto any piece of legislation that stripped away their reproductive rights or put further restrictions on women’s healthcare.

The governor then talked about the oral contraceptive pill the FDA recently approved for over-the-counter availability without having to get a prescription. Evers said he would ensure that medication was on shelves for Wisconsin women — that includes “emergency contraception.”

In order for Republicans to pass its 14-week abortion ban, the legislature would have to override the governor’s veto. Currently, the GOP doesn’t hold a supermajority in the Assembly, making that move impossible. However, the November elections might change the state dynamics. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin constitution doesn’t allow the issue of abortion to appear on the ballot to get voter opinions on the matter.

Other issues Evers addressed during his speech included supporting women through their wanted pregnancies, doing more to address mental health, reducing toxic PFAS chemical exposure, and increasing Wisconsin’s agricultural exports.

The Associated Press quoted Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos as saying Evers’ speech was full of “rehashing” old ideas that had already failed in years past and “not a lot of new ideas.” He called the address “typical Tony Evers.”

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