Emily’s List Funds Harris with Millions Amid Staff Cuts

(LibertySons.org) – EMILYs List, a pro-Democratic, pro-female organization that raises funds to push the left-wing agenda, has had some budgeting issues, leading to cuts in staff and other downgrades. Despite its struggles, the activist group has stayed busy. Its president, Laphonza Butler, just replaced late Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat in the Senate, and the group is sending millions to Vice President Kamala Harris’ re-election fund.

EMILYs List laid off eight people in September. Nonunion staff members reportedly had to sign nondisclosure agreements if they wanted to receive severance pay. A source who asked to remain anonymous said, according to The Intercept, that the changes were occurring to shift the group’s direction from public outreach to grassroots candidate promotion.

The shift had already begun a couple of months earlier, according to the source, when the group announced it would be using at least $10 million to promote Vice President Kamala Harris. POLITICO states that Butler and Harris are old allies, and the EMILYs List leader has made it her mission to tackle the vice president’s low approval ratings.

With questions mounting over President Joe Biden’s ability to lead for another four years, but Democrats insistent on pushing the Biden-Harris ticket for one more stretch, Butler’s attempt at salvaging the ticket could be the Left’s best bet. Some Americans are beginning to wonder if progressives aren’t pushing so much for Biden but for Harris, who would possibly see the chance to step up to president sometime during the geriatric president’s term.

Just as concerning is Butler’s recent appointment to the Senate by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. The ultra-liberal will finish out Feinstein’s term, and likely with some progressive ideas on her plate. Butler is the first openly LGBTQ+ politician to serve in the California Senate and the first black lesbian to join Congress. Second to Harris she’s the second black woman to serve in her position. She’s also a staunch abortion advocate.

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