Elizabeth Holmes Marks 40th Birthday in Prison

(LibertySons.org) – False promises made in the hopes of making a buck or two are all too common. But when that happens in the medical world, the consequences could be dire. Elizabeth Holmes’ scandal with her defunct company, Theranos, is an important reminder that sometimes technological promises are too good to be true. Holmes promised easy detection of devastating diseases with just a little blood sample. That lie got her sent to jail for more than 11 years.

On February 6th, the New York Post reported the celebration of disgraced fraudster Elizabeth Holmes’ 40th birthday. Holmes was visited by her husband, Billy Evans — a hotel heir — and their two children, 2-year-old William and 11-month-old Invicta. The family of four appeared happy to see each other, hugging, smiling, and sharing moments in a place that resembled a park. The Daily Mail shared exclusive photos of the gathering.

The former entrepreneur is serving time after a conviction on four counts of fraud. She and her company promised their Edison test could detect illnesses like diabetes and cancer using just a small amount of blood. That lie earned her over $700 million before she was caught.

Holmes was convicted in January of 2022 in California and sentenced in November. According to the Daily Mail, her 11 years and 3 months behind bars could be shortened by two years for good behavior. That would result in her release by the end of 2032. She will be at least 48 before she’s a free woman. While Holmes has tried to appeal, her attempts have been unsuccessful.

Her story has been turned into a book and a movie depicting the rise and fall of Theranos and its founder. During her trial, Holmes reportedly testified that she didn’t know she was defrauding her investors or patients while admitting she made mistakes. She is being housed in a federal minimum security prison in Bryan, Texas. Her family still lives in a mansion in California.

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