Effort to Remove Nicole Mitchell Gains Little Traction

(LibertySons.org) – On April 22, law enforcement officials arrested Minnesota State Senator Nicole Mitchell (D) and charged her with first-degree burglary. Her father recently passed away, and initial reports said her stepmother refused to retrieve some of her dad’s belongings, so she allegedly entered the home to take them. But the lawmaker tells a different story, and it appears she won’t face any immediate consequences from the state’s legislature.

On April 30, the lawmaker’s colleague, State Senator Karin Housley (R), brought forth a motion to formally call for her resignation. However, the measure failed, with the members of the Minnesota Senate voting along party lines.

Mitchell said it was sad that “some people” were trying to use a “tragic family situation to score political points.” The state legislator said she was sure the whole truth would paint a “much different picture” than what others imagined about the incident. Mitchell stated that everyone deserves proper “due process guaranteed by our Constitution.”

Minnesota Republican Party Chair David Hann accused Democrats of flouting the “fundamental principles of transparency and accountability” for the purposes of keeping its legislative majority. A group of state GOP lawmakers filed an ethics complaint against Mitchell after learning about the alleged break-in. They claim her accused actions broke Senate rules and violated the public’s trust.

Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy (D) spoke out in support of Mitchell, stating it was important for everyone to admit they “don’t have all the facts.” She said the situation was “very tough and challenging.” Still, she removed Mitchell from her committee assignments and caucus meetings until the investigation against her is complete. However, she didn’t say the senator would have any limits on her state Senate participation as the matter unfolds.

As for Mitchell, she is mounting her defense and stated she was eager to get back to work.

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