Dukes of Hazzard Actor Makes Death Threat Against Biden

(LibertySons.org) – Hollywood has a reputation as a hotbed of liberal influence. Yet, plenty of popular stars are vocal supporters of conservative politics. Recently, one right-wing celebrity who rose to fame in the 80s television show “Dukes of Hazzard” voiced an opinion that some interpreted as a threat against President Joe Biden and his son, prompting an investigation.

John Schneider played Beauregard “Bo” Duke on the show from 1979 to 1985. His character and cousin, Luke Duke, played by Tom Wopat, outwitted the corrupt mayor, sheriff, and their henchmen weekly to prevail on behalf of Uncle Jesse and their cousin, Daisy Duke.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, December 21, Schneider responded in a now-deleted post to President Joe Biden’s earlier post on X, formerly Twitter, about Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The previous day, Biden opined that Trump posed “many threats to our country.” He suggested Trump threatened personal autonomy, voting rights, civil rights, the world order, and democracy itself. Schneider posted a comment addressing the president and telling him he believed Biden was guilty of treason and deserved a public hanging — an execution method no longer sanctioned by the federal government. Schneider added, “Your son, too.” Then he asked Biden for his response and signed his name.

Almost immediately, some responded to the comment, chiding Schneider for calling for the president’s public execution and suggesting he might soon expect visits from the Secret Service, while others lauded the actor as an “American Hero,” according to Newsweek.

In fact, DEADLINE reported the Secret Service did open an investigation into Schneider’s online remark. The agency confirmed to the Daily Beast it was aware of the actor’s comments and routinely investigates threats posed to people under the agency’s protection.

Schneider denied making any threats or calling for violence of any sort. Instead, he said he believed national leaders had “lost their way,” resulting in unbounded corruption at home, on the country’s border, and abroad. He said his statement didn’t include any threats.

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