Donald Trump’s Sister Dies at 86

( – The New York City Police Department (NYPD) confirmed on November 13 that Maryanne Trump Barry, 86, a former federal judge and prosecutor and former President Donald Trump’s eldest sister, had died. The authorities confirmed they had received a call to come to Barry’s home, where she passed, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

In 1937, Judge Barry was born to Fred and Mary Trump in New York City. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 1958, she married David Desmond in 1960. She continued her education, earning a master’s in law and government from Columbia University in 1962.

Barry earned her law degree from Hofstra University in 1974 and became an assistant federal prosecutor in New Jersey. Her first marriage ended in divorce in 1980, but she married John J. Barry in 1982. Working diligently, Barry became one of the highest-ranking women in a US Attorney’s office by 1983 when then-President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the bench in the District Court in New Jersey.

In 1993, then-President Bill Clinton promoted Barry to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. In 2004, she received the eponymous Sandra Day O’Connor Award from Justice O’Connor herself. In her acceptance speech, Barry noted how far women had come in the legal profession. Barry remained at the Third Circuit Court until her retirement in 2019.

Barry was the oldest of the five Trump siblings, nine years older than her brother Donald Trump. Donald and Maryanne maintained a close relationship for most of their lives, and her brother seemed to seek her counsel on business and legal matters.

However, a split developed when Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, released secretly recorded conversations with her aunt in which Barry criticized her brother, calling him “cruel” and “phony.” In particular, Barry disapproved of splitting up families at the border and taking children from their parents, but she never made her criticisms public.

Barry leaves behind her brother, former President Trump, a younger sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, and her son from her first marriage, David William Desmond.

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