Democratic Senator Charged With Burglary for Entering Stepmother’s House

( – Minnesota State Senator Micole Mitchell (D) was elected to the legislature in 2022. Before stepping into politics, the Democrat was a meteorologist and currently holds a lieutenant colonel position in the Air National Guard. Mitchell recently lost her father and was arrested for allegedly trying to steal his ashes and some other sentimental belongings from his home.

On April 22, Mitchell was arrested and booked in the Becker County Jail under suspicion of first-degree burglary. In the wee hours of the morning, the state senator allegedly broke into her father’s previous residence, where her stepmother currently lives, dressed all in black.

According to Detroit Lakes Police Chief Steve Todd, the stepmother called 911 to report hearing noises in her home. When police arrived, they found Mitchell in the basement with a backpack, a dimmed flashlight, her identification, multiple laptops, a cellphone, and Tupperware.

The state lawmaker allegedly said she was “just trying to get a couple of [her] dad’s things” because the stepmother cut off all contact with her family after her dad passed away. However, Mitchell now denies that was the reason she was in the home.

After her release pending a hearing, the lawmaker posted on social media stating she went inside the residence to check on a “loved one” who is paranoid and suffering from Alzheimer’s. She denied the burglary accusation.

State Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy (D) released a statement about the incident, saying the allegations were “upsetting,” adding that the behavior — if true — was out of character for Mitchell. Murphy said the Senate “believes [s] in due process,” stating that the lawmaker has the right to defend herself in court. State Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson (R) had a different view, calling the alleged behavior “disturbing,” demanding Mitchell’s immediate resignation.

The Senate Democratic Caucus reportedly said it was “aware of the situation” but declined to make any further comment.

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