Controversial TikTok Star Kyle Marisa Roth Dies At 36

( – Kyle Marisa Roth made a name for herself on TikTok with controversial videos about celebrity gossip and other issues. She’d amassed hundreds of thousands of fans on the platform. Sadly, the 36-year-old is now dead.

On April 15, the TikTok star’s mother, Jacqueline Roth, announced her daughter’s death on LinkedIn. She said that although the social media platform, primarily used for professional connections, wasn’t generally where she’d share personal news, she did so because she knew her daughter touched some of her followers’ lives. The grieving mother didn’t indicate how her daughter died.

“Kyle loved and lived fiercely,” Roth said. She explained that she would “understand more in the next few days.” She implored her contacts to show kindness to everyone.

The TikToker had more than 200,000 followers on the social media app. She uploaded her last post on April 7. Kyle made a joke about child star JoJo Siwa and Bravo star Tom Sandavol starring in “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test” together. There didn’t appear to be anything unusual about the post.

Kyle’s sister, Lindsay Roth, also posted about the stunning death. In a message to her followers on Instagram, Lindsay said her sister died the previous week. According to her, their family was trying to process their loss and decide “how to properly celebrate and honor her life.” Like her mom, Lindsay didn’t reveal Kyle’s cause of death.

In an interview with NBC News, Kyle’s mother said that her daughter “loved so fiercely” and called her “a truth seeker” and “truth teller.” She said their family was grateful for the “incredible outpouring of love and support” that everyone was showing them.

Roth went on to say that her daughter faced a lot of “toxicity” and “mean-spiritedness” on TikTok, calling it a “toxic space.”

Julia Fox, from Uncut Gems, responded to Lindsay’s Instagram post, saying that she didn’t know Kyle in person but felt like she did. The actress said she was “devastated” over the TikTok star’s death. She called her a “ray of sunshine” and said she’d “miss her deeply.”

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