Comedian and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star Richard Lewis Passes Away at 76

( – Comedian Richard Lewis, who made a name for himself in standup and film, has passed away. The 76-year-old performer, best known for his roles in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” reportedly died of a heart attack at his Los Angeles home. He had been living with Parkinson’s disease for about three years.

Lewis had overcome numerous health struggles, beginning with a bout of alcoholism that nearly killed him in the early 1990s. In August 2021, he posted on X, called Twitter back then, sharing the news that he’d reached 27 years of sobriety. The comedian stated that he turned a new leaf after his alcoholism sent him to the emergency room. He shared again two years later, also on X, that he had undergone back-to-back surgeries in his back and shoulder, followed by a joint replacement in that shoulder and another replaced hip. The procedures forced him to put everything else aside to focus on physical therapy.

Another devastating blow hit when Lewis went to his doctor to address changes he’d noticed in his gait. He said he felt stiff when he walked, which made him shuffle his feet, leading him to see a neurologist. The specialist diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive condition that can cause muscle stiffness, tremors, alterations in gait and balance, and cognitive changes. Lewis said his illness hit late, and it typically has a slow progression, so he wasn’t worried that it would affect his quality of life. Research has uncovered evidence, however, that people with Parkinson’s have higher risks of developing heart problems like arrhythmias, blood pressure issues, and cardiac failure due to neurological dysfunctions.

Lewis, nicknamed the Prince of Pain and known for his trademark black attire, has 64 acting credits under his belt. His final project, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” was an “over-the-top” depiction of the comedian’s personal life.

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