Christmas Day ‘Swatting’ Hits 2 GOP Lawmakers

( – Swatting has become an increasingly popular form of harassment where people anonymously call the police to report an active shooter or hostage incident at an unsuspecting residence, causing the police to break in unannounced. The practice places the lives of residents, police, neighbors, and those who might actually need the misdirected resources in danger. On Christmas day, two GOP lawmakers experienced swatting incidents, including one who has received repeated swatting harassment.

The morning started with a swatting call on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). She posted to X, formerly Twitter, telling people she was the victim of swatting on Christmas morning with her entire family there.

She mentioned it was approximately the eighth time in recent weeks. However, she highly praised her local police and expressed her appreciation for their response and professionalism. A spokesperson for the Rome, Georgia, police department confirmed to Fox News Digital that the department had received multiple emergency calls to the lawmaker’s address that morning.

The spokesperson said the tactical team coordinated with Greene’s security personnel and determined that no emergency existed. As a result, the police canceled the call while they were still en route.

The second incident occurred at Rep. Brandon Williams’ (R-NY) Cayuga County, New York, home. The lawmaker posted his thanks on X to the responding sheriffs’ deputies and mentioned he sent them home with Christmas cookies and spiced nuts.

Williams praised law enforcement for their prompt and professional response and mentioned Capitol Police were also investigating the prank. However, the New York lawmaker’s patience ran thin in a post made on Tuesday, December 26, when the lawmaker claimed a local news outlet,, doxxed him by releasing pictures of his home and property.

Williams claimed the media outlet was trying to make it easier for someone to target him or his family and shamed the news agency for placing all of them at risk. Williams vowed never to let such incidents force him to back down from his principles.

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