Child Passes Away After Reportedly Being Fed Batteries by Woman

( – A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested on homicide charges after allegedly killing her boyfriend’s baby daughter. The 18-month-old girl died of acetone poisoning. However, cops say the alleged killer had been feeding the baby potentially lethal objects for months.

On June 25, 2023, a man in New Castle, Pennsylvania, named Bailey Jacoby, called 911 and told the dispatcher his baby daughter, Iris Alfera, was unresponsive. His 20-year-old girlfriend Aleisa Owens, who had been looking after the infant while Jacoby went to the store, had called to say the girl had suffered from cramps and fallen off her bed, and something was wrong with her. When Jacoby rushed home, he found his child unresponsive and made the emergency call. Medics responded, and Iris was taken to the local hospital; later that day, she was airlifted to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. Sadly, on June 29, she died there from organ failure. Up to that point, it looked like a tragic accident.

Details of a Horrid Murder Revealed

When the medical examiner carried out an autopsy, though. Owens’s story started to fall apart. It turned out Iris hadn’t died because of a fall; she’d died from a lethal dose of acetone, a chemical found in nail polish remover. Next, they checked medical records and found that, months before she died, she’d been hospitalized after swallowing several small objects, including a screw and button-type batteries, as well as a large quantity of water beads.

At that point, medics started to get suspicious, and Owens was an early suspect. The investigation quickly focused on her phone, and the New Castle City Police Department soon found that, for several months before Iris died, Owens had been making some very disturbing web searches. Starting in February, she’d begun looking for information on household products that could harm or kill a child –- and among the items she’d searched were batteries and water beads. She’d also looked up nail polish, which could have pointed her towards acetone, and had searched specifically for beauty products and medications that are dangerous to children. Finally, she’d searched for how to pass a polygraph test.

With that evidence, the police went to the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Office, which passed the case to the Attorney General’s office. On January 11, AG Michelle Henry announced that Owens had been arrested on charges including endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault of a child, and aggravated homicide. Jacoby hasn’t been arrested and cops say there’s “no evidence at all linking him or anyone else” to the crime. Owens, on the other hand, has been denied bail.

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