Calls for Democrat’s Resignation Grow After Easter Mockery

( – Recently, Glen Rock Borough Councilwoman Paula Gilligan (D) posted a meme on her personal Instagram. The post stated that Easter eggs were just “aborted chicken babies…painted in drag for small children to worship.” The bottom of the post wished everyone a happy Easter. It was met with immediate backlash and a call for the New Jersey councilwoman’s resignation.

After the subsequent backlash from many Christians in the community, Gillian clarified the intent of her initial post. She stated that the “meme takes aim at the absurdity of personhood laws,” referencing efforts in various parts of the country to give fetuses that status from the time of conception.

Gillian went on to state her views on women’s rights, adding that her opinion appeared on her personal account and didn’t reflect the “views, opinions, or beliefs” of the overall council or the mayor. The councilwoman wished everyone a happy holiday, stating she didn’t intend to mock anyone’s traditions.

Mayor Kristine Morieko and the remaining Glen Rock Council Members also released a statement. They apologized to all who were “offended” by the post, stating the meme brought up two issues completely unrelated to the upcoming Christian holiday.

The statement added that the council and the mayor know how important Easter is to many in the community and how all “religious beliefs and traditions” should be “treated with respect.” The letter didn’t state any consequences, if any, against Gilligan.

Still, there were calls for people to protest the council’s next meeting, which was scheduled for March 27. Local Republican leader Barry Wilkes told Fox News Digital that he hoped the community showed up “en masse” to oppose “such rhetoric.” He called the post “troubling” and something that shouldn’t come from someone elected to their position.

There is no official word yet if Gilligan will lose her job, but a group is reportedly considering launching a recall effort.

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