Both Democrats and Republicans Slam Biden’s Border Policies

( – Since President Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office in January of 2021, his policies on immigration have led to record numbers of illegal migrants crossing our southern border. In addition, the region has become a hotbed for trafficking, both drugs and people. Republicans have been decrying his position since day one and recently proposed a resolution to condemn the administration, especially the effort, or lack thereof, by the Department of Homeland Security. With a narrow GOP margin in the House, its passing wasn’t a surprise; the real shocker was that Republicans were not alone in their yes votes.

On April 5, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) introduced House Resolution 1112, Denouncing the Biden administration’s immigration policies. The text of the resolution points out that Biden and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas “have created the worst border security crisis in the Nation’s history.” It accuses them of dismantling security measures and incentivizing 9.5 million illegal aliens to come to our country.

The resolution points out some of the things the administration has done to make the problem worse. These include:

  • Stopping construction on the border wall
  • Ending Migrant Protection Protocols
  • Terminating asylum agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras
  • Limiting immigration enforcement
  • Removing fewer criminals

It calls on the administration to reverse its open immigration policies and implement new ones that will improve safety for all Americans.

When the resolution came up for a vote on May 1, 210 Republicans voted yes, but amazingly, 13 Democrats also voted yes, allowing it to pass by a 223 to 191 margin. And while you’d think these votes were coming from predominantly red border states, you’d be wrong. Two of them came from solidly blue Illinois, another from ultra-liberal California, and another from the State of Washington.

Could it be that these Dems have figured out country over party? Or maybe they have just come to understand that rampant illegal immigration is not just a border-state problem; it affects every state and every citizen. Either way, it’s a refreshing sight to see.

~Here’s to Our Liberty!

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