Boston Mayor in Trouble for Party Invite That Excluded White People

( – For many, the holidays signal a time for festive gatherings, especially for those who work together. Yet Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is facing criticism for sending out invitations on Tuesday, December 12, by mistake to all city councilors inviting them to an exclusive holiday party she was hosting at the request of the Electeds of Color.

Due to an error, Denise DosSantos, the mayor’s aide, sent an email blast to all council members rather than just the six members who belong to the Electeds of Color group. Just fifteen minutes after she sent the initial email, DosSantos sent a clarification and apologized for sending the notification in error. She said she apologized if the email offended anyone.

While explaining that he wasn’t offended, councilmember Frank Baker told reporters he didn’t think Mayor Wu hosting a party that he called “unfortunate and divisive” was a “good move” on her part. He said the holidays were a time for people to come together, and hosting a party excluding some council members sent a poor message. In vague terms, Baker cited recent council tensions. Still, he said it would take a lot more than not inviting him to a party to offend him.

Brian Worrell, another councilor, applauded the mayor for supporting the Elected Officials of Color, a group that has existed for more than a decade, and making space for them in the city government.

On Wednesday, December 13, Wu told the media she thought many people had experienced a situation where they sent an email and included mistaken recipients. She characterized the incident as “truly just an honest mistake.”

On the same day, Ricardo Patron, Wu’s spokesperson, clarified that the Electeds of Color had requested that the mayor host their holiday party. He said it was just one of several events Wu’s office was coordinating throughout the season. The mayor’s office was planning a party for all city council members, the legislature, and cabinet members during the week of December 18.

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