Border Patrol Fatally Shoots Migrant Robber

( – Millions of immigrants have entered the United States over the last three years. Not only does that present a danger to US national security, but it also presents a danger to the migrants. US Border Patrol recently stepped in and used deadly force to stop a criminal.

On March 3, agents with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) reportedly responded to a report of “bandit activity” in a remote area along the US-Mexico border in San Diego, California. They found a group of bandits who were allegedly robbing migrants as they were walking to an area where they could turn themselves over to Border Patrol agents. The bandits were armed with guns that they were threatening the migrants with while stealing from them.

Several days before the shooting, on February 26, Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens shared images of the bandits on X, formerly Twitter. The photos showed an armed man pointing a gun at a group of migrants that included children.

Owens stated the images were taken of the bandits robbing several groups near Chula Vista. He said it was “another example of the dangers these criminals… pose to the public, the migrants, and [the] agents.”

During the latest incident, BORTAC agents opened fire on the bandits. One of them was killed, and the others fled across the border to Mexico.

Fortunately, none of the Border Patrol agents died in the encounter or suffered injuries. But the incident highlights the dangers faced on the southern frontier every day. The day after the shooting, Owens highlighted the problem again by posting images of several sex offenders who were picked up in the Del Rio, Laredo, Tucson, and El Paso Sectors. Six men were arrested for sex crimes.

Border Patrol has arrested almost 900,000 immigrants this fiscal year and has had at least 120,000 migrants escape detection.

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