Boebert Says Spending Deal Is “Pelosi-Esque”

( – There’s been a lot of infighting in Congress lately, and one of the hot topics is the appropriations bills that both chambers have to pass in order to keep the government funded. In the House, especially, there’s been a logjam where hardline Republicans are refusing to work with Democrats and more moderate Conservatives to come to an agreement. While Congress was able to pass a short-term bill on Thursday, January 18, not everyone was happy about it, and one representative made her voice heard.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is no stranger to making her opinion known. That’s exactly what she did when the House voted 314-108 to pass a two-step continuing resolution (CR) after the Senate did. In a statement on her website, Boebert said the spending bill “continues Nancy Pelosi’s inflationary spending and funds Joe Biden’s failed policies.” While discussing the effects that Coloradans are experiencing due to high inflation, Boebert said she “didn’t run for Congress to stand by and watch” people continue to sell out her country.

Boebert addressed the bill, saying “Nancy Pelosi would be proud of this reckless, bloated spending bill” that keeps federal spending levels at the same they were while she was House speaker. She further referred to the CR as “a Democrat wish list” of items that do nothing to address the problems the country is currently facing at the border, at the checkout line, or the “out-of-control national debt,” a figure that currently stands at $34.07 trillion, the highest it’s ever been.

The CR essentially pushes a staggered approach to the appropriations bills, one that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) worked toward. The new deadlines are March 1 and March 8, and this is the third time a government shutdown has been avoided by short-term bills. The two chambers will have a few weeks to come together and hopefully pass the budget in full.

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