Biden’s White House Official Under Fire for Worldwide Blunders

( – President Joe Biden’s foreign policy is under attack in the wake of Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel. The POTUS immediately called on the Group of Seven (G7) leaders to issue a response to the attack. Now, the administration is taking heat for its foreign policy blunders.

On April 15, John Kirby, the White House National Security communications advisor, appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” Host Bill Hemmer confronted him about the president’s foreign policy decisions.

The Fox host told Kirby that he looked back at the president’s record, and what stuck out to him was the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and his failure to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine.

Hemmer also blamed Hamas’ war with Israel on the president, China’s decision to exercise its sovereignty by building up its military, and Iran’s retaliation on Israel after the Israeli military bombed an Iranian embassy. The host asked Kirby if he could “argue that American strength and persuasion is better” under President Joe Biden.

Kirby told Hemmer that he “100%” believes America is stronger than it was before Biden took office. The Fox host asked, “Where?”

The White House official claimed Biden “understands American leadership on the world stage.” He went on to say he’s poured diplomatic, military, and economic resources into countries “around the world to advance our national security interests.”

Hemmer also slammed the Biden administration for allowing Iran to access billions of dollars in profits from electricity sales between Iran and Iraq. He asked Kirby if Biden attended to end that policy. The White House official pointed out that former President Donald Trump reauthorized that policy every time it came up too because it’s intended to help the Iraqi people, not Iran.

Republicans believe the president is weak on Iran and has allowed the nation to carry out state-sponsored terrorism. Meanwhile, the administration has continued to try to negotiate with Iranian leaders.

Americans will have an opportunity to decide whether or not Biden is strong of foreign policy on November 5.

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