Biden’s Ukraine Mistakes Now Threaten Others In The World

( – Foreign policy has never been President Biden’s strong point, but his weakness is now becoming a real danger. With Russia’s war in Ukraine now well into its second year, Iran’s Houthi proxies attacking shipping in the Middle East, and China threatening Taiwan, the free world needs strong US leadership. Unfortunately, Biden is projecting weakness.

Biden Shuns Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the embattled country has relied on NATO to keep its army fighting. The US has been the largest donor of weapons to Ukraine’s forces, and key figures in the Biden administration, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, have held out the offer of NATO membership for Ukraine once the war ends. That would secure the country in the future against another Russian invasion.

Then, on June 4, Biden suddenly contradicted Blinken (and his own earlier statements.) He announced that he was “not prepared to support the Nato-isation of Ukraine” and claimed he’d seen “significant corruption” in the country. Ukraine has been running active anti-corruption programs to root out corrupt officials and businessmen; for example, its national police investigated energy company Burisma, which controversially gave Hunter Biden a seat on its board.

It’s unclear why Biden has suddenly changed his policy on Ukraine’s future NATO membership, which he would be able to veto if other member states went ahead. However, it’s a major blow to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Worse, it could increase the risk of war in other regions.

Red Sea And Taiwan Could Be Endangered

Right now, Iran is using Yemen’s Houthi militia to attack shipping in the Red Sea and increase pressure on Israel. US Navy warships have taken the lead in keeping the shipping lanes open, but if Biden starts looking weak that will encourage Iran to push harder.

With a quarter of the world’s shipping passing through the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden, this could bring back the out-of-control inflation that has left many Americans struggling financially.

Even worse, China’s communist regime –- which, like Iran, is sending military aid to Putin’s army –- is ramping up its anti-Taiwan rhetoric. Beijing wants to invade and annex the island democracy but risks triggering a massive US military response if it tries.

Biden’s weakness makes that risk look smaller, and if it seems small enough that could tempt the communists to launch their invasion. Taiwan is a small country, but it’s a major producer of computer chips. If it falls under China’s control, the impact on our supply chains will be disastrous. US policy on Taiwan needs to be firm and uncompromising; a weak president will just encourage Chinese aggression.

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