Biden’s Brewery Speech Results in Humiliation

( – President Joe Biden delivered another interesting speech during a recent stop at a Wisconsin brewery. He seemed to hit a doozy of a tongue twister at one point — either that or his teleprompter temporarily fell into gibberish. Whatever the cause of the gaffe, the president’s most recent humiliating moment has become the latest viral video on social media.

RNC Research shared a copy of the clip on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. It shows Biden struggling desperately with his speech. He appears to be attempting a clever play on words, but what comes out is an incomprehensible string of sounds following “the beer brewed here.” There’s one point where he seems to say, “Woo, Earth rider,” and another in which he appears to thank the Great Lakes. He chuckles through it all as though he’s sharing a funny joke, and then the audience also laughs.

The big question, given the nonsense that came out of his mouth, is whether attendees were laughing with or at the president.

Biden’s embarrassing flubs have made headlines numerous times in just the past year. He called Queen Latifah a prime-time “enemy” winner at Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors in December 2023. That same month, the president spoke at a pharmacy in Maryland, where he couldn’t remember the name of his presenter. And who can forget his reference to the “billion 300 million trillion 300 million” dollars America planned to invest in infrastructure? Then there was Biden’s bizarre gun control speech in June, which he ended with “God save the Queen” before he shuffled offstage. He also alleged in June that Putin was “losing the war in Iraq.”

Biden’s mental competency has become a growing concern as the 80-year-old president runs for a second term. NPR states that the majority of US residents are worried that he’s no longer fit to run the country.

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