Biden’s Attorney Pick Faces License Suspension

( – In 2021, President Biden nominated Rachel Rollins to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts, prompting an outpouring of liberal praise for her radical policies. However, less than a year into her tenure, she was hit with an ethics probe and forced to step down. Now, she’s had her law license suspended.

Biden’s Controversial Pick

When President Biden went looking for a new US Attorney for Massachusetts in July 2021, his choice was Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins. For many, Rollins was a controversial choice. She’d campaigned for election by promising to decriminalize many offenses, including shoplifting, drug dealing, driving on a revoked license, and malicious destruction of property.

In office, Rollins introduced a policy of not prosecuting nonviolent misdemeanors, such as breaking and entering, which sparked widespread criticism from law and order advocates.

While conservatives were appalled at the idea of a state attorney who refused to prosecute burglars and drug dealers, liberals widely praised her nomination. The Los Angeles Times said Rollins was “among President Biden’s smartest appointments.” Senators Ed Markey (D-MA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said she was “a great choice” and “a national leader in transforming the criminal justice system.”

Rollins Abused Powers

However, within months of being confirmed, people started to wonder if there was another reason Rollins didn’t want nonviolent criminals being prosecuted –- like, for example, her being one herself. In July 2022, Rollins appeared at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser without approval from the Department of Justice, which was required at the time. After her appearance, the department banned political appointees from attending campaign events and fundraisers).

The Justice Department launched an investigation, which quickly uncovered other allegations against Rollins. These included leaking information to journalists to manipulate the election of her successor in Suffolk County, accepting money from an entertainment agency, and asking for 30 free tickets to a Boston Celtics game.

The US Office of Special Counsels then opened its own probe, finding that Rollins had violated the Hatch Act restrictions on political activity multiple times; the office described Rollins’s behavior as “an extraordinary abuse of her power” and one of “the most egregious transgressions” it had ever seen.

On May 19 last year, Rollins resigned before the Justice Department could discipline her and went back to practicing law. However, on February 20, the Suffolk County Supreme Court suspended her law license for nonpayment of registration fees. This might not be the end of her legal career, but it certainly isn’t going to help.

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