Biden Wrongly Claims He Talked to Deceased Leader

( – President Joe Biden seemed to suffer from some confusion while speaking at two recent events. He repeatedly claimed that he had talked with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 2021, during his first Group of Seven (G7) meeting as US president. The only problem is Kohl passed away in 2017.

Biden made the gaffe on February 7 while attending a fundraising event in New York, according to Fox News. He failed to recall that he’d spoken with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, not her late predecessor when he attempted to share about the three-year-old conversation. Apparently, no one bothered to correct the US president because he repeated the error at another event he attended that same day.

The president made a similar mistake three days earlier while speaking in front of an audience in Las Vegas. Biden told the crowd that he had spoken with former French president François Mitterrand, also deceased, at the same G7 meeting where he said he’d talked with Kohl. He also mistakenly called Mitterrand Germany’s leader before correcting himself.

Biden’s lapses of confusion have been an ongoing concern for many Americans. In January, he got lost in an apparent tongue twister while speaking at a Wisconsin brewery, trailing off into what could only be described as gibberish. He bumbled through a United Nations speech in September, seemingly losing his train of thought multiple times and, at one point, stating that the US and China needed to cooperate on “accelerating the climate crisis.”

The White House has been turning a blind eye to the issue, denying that there’s a problem at all. A reporter attempted to raise questions about it to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a January 6 briefing, but the official brushed him off, stating she wouldn’t “go down that rabbit hole.” Meanwhile, according to a recent NBC poll, over three-quarters of US voters have concerns over Biden’s mental fitness.

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