Biden Urgently Gathers G7 Leaders for Crisis Talks

( – The Middle East has erupted into chaos. Israel launched an attack on an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing several members of the Iranian military. President Joe Biden called for an emergency meeting of the Group of Seven (G7) nations after Iran retaliated.

On April 14, the G7 leaders released a statement unanimously condemning Iran for its missile and drone attack on Israel. The leaders of the US, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan said they “unequivocally condemn[ed]” the attack. Further, the statement accused the Iranian government of taking a step “toward the destabilization of the region” and possibly “provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation.”

The same day the G7 released its statement, Iran’s mission to the United Nations posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, stating its retaliatory strike on Israel had “concluded.” Iran’s military won’t take any further action unless the Israeli government responds with force.

The US warned Israel about an impending attack from Iran for a week before it took place. Biden directed the US military to better position destroyers in the region to respond if necessary. The move proved to be critical, and the American service members helped intercept multiple missiles and drones over Israel.

As a result of the quick response from Israel, the US, and several other allies, the damage was minimal, even though more than 200 ballistic missiles, drones, and cruise missiles were fired into the nation.

According to Axios, Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against launching another strike in response to Iran. He reportedly told Bibi, “You got a win. Take the win.”

The US president is desperately trying to prevent a broader war from taking place across the Middle East and destabilizing it further. To that end, Biden reportedly told the Israeli prime minister that the US would not take part in or support a counterattack against Iran. Netanyahu reportedly told the president he understood.

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