Biden Ridiculed for Latest Gaffe: Admits ‘We Can’t Be Trusted’

( – President Joe Biden has been hot on the campaign trail, hitting key states in an attempt to gain support for his re-election bid. Recently, he visited Florida, and his first stop was in Tampa, where he focused heavily on the issue of abortion. However, while speaking to the crowd, the president made a gaffe that caused a swift roasting on social media.

On April 23, a clip of Biden’s speech was shared online. He was talking about former President Donald Trump, commenting on how he didn’t know why anyone was surprised by the things he does anymore. He followed up the line by asking the crowd, “How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?” Clearly, Biden meant to use the pronoun “he” instead of “we,” but that didn’t stop the public from jumping on his words.

OutKick contributor Tomi Lahren shared the clip, stating that “even a blind squirrel finds a nut,” while Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon said the video was “not satire.” RedState columnist Buzz Patterson noted that if someone tells you “who they are, believe them.” His words were followed by multiple laugh emojis. GOP Rapid Response Director Jake Schneider said he agreed that Biden “can’t be trusted.”

The president’s speech lasted about 15 minutes, after which he spent time speaking more casually to campaign volunteers, youth leaders, union officials, and Florida Democrats. That address reportedly focused less on abortion and more on the economy and inflation. He admitted there was more work to do in that regard but stated the administration has “built the strongest economy in the world.”

Overall, the gaffe didn’t seem to take the wind out of his campaign sails. The president didn’t comment about his mistake during the speech or the roasting he received from it. Other areas in Florida Biden plans to visit in the coming week are Orlando, Miami, and Palm Beach.

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