Biden May Have Just Suggested His Uncle Was Eaten by Cannibals

( – President Joe Biden recently traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to speak at the headquarters of the United Steelworkers Union. During his speech, he made a strange claim. People are now left wondering if Biden’s uncle was eaten by cannibals.

On April 17, Biden told the crowd of steelworkers that after D-Day, his mom’s brothers volunteered to join the military. One of them, Ambrose Finnegan, went by the nickname “Bozey,” and his family told Biden he was a “hell of an athlete.”

Finnegan was in the Army Air Corps (before there was the Air Force) and flew single-engine planes to do reconnaissance over battle zones. During one of his missions over New Guinea, the president said he was shot down. However, Biden said his family never received his uncle’s remains because the military couldn’t find his body. He explained that “there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea.”

Biden told the steelworkers the story after he visited the war memorial where his uncle was honored in Scranton. Earlier that day, He spoke to the press pool before boarding Air Force One to give his speech to the steelworkers. The president told them that his uncle was shot down, and the Army Air Corps never found his body but did find parts of the plane.

The problem with the president’s story about his uncle possibly becoming someone’s late-night snack is that it’s not what the military said happened.

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s profile of Biden’s uncle, he was the passenger on an A-20 havoc on May 14, 1944, that departed Momote Airfield, Los Negros Island, and was traveling to Nadzab Airfield, New Guinea. While off the coast of New Guinea, the plane’s engines failed at a low altitude, and the aircraft hit the water hard.

One man was rescued from the water and survived. Three others, including Second Lieutenant Finnegan, died in the accident. The agency stated Biden’s uncle was a passenger on the flight and did not say anything about the plane being shot down. There’s also no evidence that cannibals emerged from the island, rowed out to the wreckage, and stole Finnegan’s remains for a barbeque later that day.

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