Biden Faces Backlash and Humiliation Over Gaza Pier Breaking Apart

( – The war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in a tremendous number of civilian casualties. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are currently on the brink of starvation, prompting countries around the world to take action to bring humanitarian aid to the region. In March, President Joe Biden announced the construction of a floating pier to aid this process. Unfortunately, it is now out of commission for a time.

On May 27, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) showed the military-built pier “sinking in the water.” The next day, the Pentagon announced it was pulling the pier from the beach and sending it for repairs in southern Israel. The structure was reportedly damaged by the weather and rough seas in the Mediterranean. Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh said the pier will “hopefully” be “back up and running” in about a week or so.

Several people blasted Biden on social media when they heard the news. One journalist called the incident a “humiliation” for the president, stating that Biden should’ve already been humiliated that Israel wouldn’t let the United States “deliver aid to Gaza by land.” Another person wondered why the structure was “needed in the first place,” echoing the journalist’s statement that aid should have been delivered to Gaza by land.

Getting humanitarian aid to the 2.3 million people sheltering in the Gaza Strip has been a challenge for months because of hostilities in the region and issues coordinating with the IDF. The US resorted to dropping aid by air, but the logistics made the supply limited, leading the president to order the military to construct the pier.

When operational, the structure will allow large amounts of food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters to be delivered to the people who need it. So far, reports show that over 500 metric tons of aid have been offloaded for delivery.

The structure was built by around 1,000 military members and cost about $320 million to construct.

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