Biden Claims Trump Is Alienating Haley Supporters

( – After losing most of the primary races that took place on Super Tuesday, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (R) suspended her presidential campaign. That move left only one candidate running in the GOP primary — former President Donald Trump. But Haley’s absence does not mean her supporters automatically move over to the next Republican candidate. In fact, exit polls show many of them won’t and the Biden campaign is paying attention.

On March 6, The Hill reported that Biden communications director Michael Tyler said Trump is “driving…away” Haley voters. President Joe Biden (D) welcomed Haley’s supporters to get behind his campaign. He said it “takes a lot of courage to run for president,” especially in today’s Republican party. The president said Trump was clear that he “didn’t want Nikki Haley’s supporters” but said “there is a place for them in [his] campaign.”

While the former UN ambassador and Biden don’t agree on many issues, there are a few significant crossovers they share — the desire to unite the country, preserve democracy, and support NATO.

After Super Tuesday, Trump posted about his near sweep on Truth Social, saying Haley got “trounced.” Part of his post accused her donors of being “radical left Democrats” before inviting them to support him. That invitation was a stark difference from a previous statement made on social media. He said he doesn’t want nor will he accept anyone who made a contribution supporting Haley, whom he referred to as “birdbrain.”

As for Haley, she did not endorse Trump during her suspension speech after Super Tuesday, stating he has to “earn the votes” and should bring people into his campaign, “not turn[SIC] them away.” The former SC governor earned over one-third of the primary vote in some states, showing a large number of GOP members are looking for someone other than Trump. Exit polls already stated Biden will get some of those votes.

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