Biden Calls for More Taxes on the Wealthy; Accuses Trump of Elitism

( – President Biden has built his political career on a reputation as a moderate. Now, as the impact of his massive spending programs sinks in, the mask is starting to slip. At a recent campaign in his Pennsylvania hometown, Biden came out with some alarming socialist rhetoric about hitting the wealthy with punitive taxes.

Biden Returns To His Roots

On April 16, Biden visited Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he lived until he was 11 years old. He visited his childhood home, posed for photos with neighborhood children, and launched a three-day campaign tour of the state. He also hinted at shifting to a more redistributive tax policy.

In a contradictory speech Biden said he wants to leave more money in Americans’ pockets, but then went on to advocate higher taxes for richer people. He insisted taxes are “how we invest in the country” and said he wants to make the tax code “fairer.” Biden went on to blast Republican policies that cut taxes on higher earners, implying that the richest Americans don’t pay their fair share. In fact, the top 1% of earners account for 20.9% of all income but 40.1% of income taxes –- the bottom 90% pay 28.6%. The average tax rate paid by the top 1% is over seven times higher than the bottom 50%.

Biden’s problem is that during his 2020 election campaign, he promised that nobody earning under $400,000 a year would pay more tax. However, to help pay for the vast spending he’s authorized, he needs to raise another $4.9 trillion in taxes. His plan is to take that from corporations and wealthy individuals, even though the US already has one of the highest corporation tax rates in the developed world (that’s why so many big tech companies have headquarters in Ireland).

Scranton backed Biden in 2020, and he’s desperate to win over its voters again this time around. However, it’s a declining blue-collar town and could be vulnerable to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s populist, pro-American worker agenda.

It looks like Biden’s pro-tax speech was aimed at discrediting his rival; he singled Trump out for personal criticism, joking about the falling stock price of his Truth Social media platform and his wealthy background.

The message went down well with his supporters, who chanted “Four more years!” before the president spoke. However, local Republican Party chairman Sam DeMarco warned that “it costs more to live [now] than… when Joe Biden came to office” –- and taxing the rich isn’t going to bring down prices.

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