Biden Allegedly Emailed Family Members About Foreign Dealings 29,000 Times

( – The impeachment inquiry probing President Joe Biden’s potential business ties with son Hunter Biden kicked off on Thursday, October 12. GOP House members believe they can uncover evidence that the commander-in-chief participated in shady dealings with foreign officials, and they’re pulling emails from the National Archives to prove their case. They allege that they have at least 29,000 messages connecting the president to foreign activities.

Daily Mail writes that former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, going through America First Legal, obtained copies of the correspondence using the Freedom of Information Act. He gained 19,335 letters between Biden, then vice president, and the first son’s advising company, Rosemont Seneca — which Republicans allege the Bidens used to gain millions from foreign entities. Miller also uncovered 4,243 emails between the US official and his son, 1,751 involving brother Jim Biden, and 3,738 that include Jim Biden’s “business services” company, Lion Hall Group.

The White House managed to have roughly 200 emails withheld, citing executive privilege. Releasing the documents, according to officials’ claims, would reveal confidential discussions between Biden and his presidential advisors.

Miller has reportedly only scratched the surface. There are allegedly over 5,000 archives, including emails to and from Biden in which he used one of multiple aliases such as JRB Ware, Robert L. Peters, and Robin Ware. The New York Times points out that officials, like celebrities, commonly use email pseudonyms to reduce the threat of hackers and spam attacks.

Republicans are still searching for incriminating evidence, confident they’ll find something they can use against the president if they sift through enough redactions. So far, they’ve found indications that Hunter Biden attempted to influence his father in a choice for a Treasury Department candidate, and the first son apparently had the president pull strings a few times to get associates White House public tour tickets. Evidence may also exist that the younger Biden used his father’s influence while working for Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company that, GOP members allege, ties the Bidens to instances of corruption.

They still have thousands of documents to read, though, so more information could soon surface. According to an oversight committee briefing, bank records can connect the Bidens to $20 million in payments from European and Asian oligarchs.

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