Biden Administration Anticipates Maintaining 125,000-Refugee Admission Cap

( – Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), along with Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, announced that the Biden administration plans to cap 2024 refugee admissions at 125,000 people. Keeping the target the same as 2023, the progressive US leaders applauded themselves for taking in more asylum seekers annually than the country had accepted since 2016.

The September 27 press release praised lawmakers for committing to resettle higher volumes of refugees from across North and South America. It noted the numbers of individuals and families attempting to enter through the southern border are the result of desperate conditions, and many people feel they have no choice but to come here illegally. It adds that higher acceptances from these regions should reduce the overwhelm border states are currently experiencing.

The Washington Times reported that the president has the final say each year on how many asylum seekers the country will accept, and they also determine which regions to allow to participate. Biden’s numbers far exceed the 15,000 cap Donald Trump had set when he was in office, but they also double the commander-in-chief’s 2021 limit.

Biden’s strategy hasn’t seemed to help matters along the southern border quite yet. And with so many people fleeing horrific conditions, the administration might be attempting to build a dam to hold back an unstoppable flood. Worldwide, according to USA Facts, over 2 million displaced people are seeking countries outside their own for resettlement. By law, anyone who comes to the border requesting asylum can’t be turned away, although there’s no guarantee their request will be approved once they apply. Also, it’s illegal to attempt to cross into the United States without first seeking the appropriate application process.

People who come to the US seeking asylum via the southern border can currently await their application period inside the country — hence the current overwhelm in several cities. During the Trump administration, the “Remain in Mexico” policy forced people to wait for their court dates south of the border, placing the burden on Mexican cities instead of American ones.

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