Bartiromo Criticizes MTG for Attempting to Remove Speaker Johnson

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is furious with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) over his decision to work with Democrats to keep the government open and pass Ukraine funding. She responded by introducing a motion to vacate the speaker in March. She recently appeared on Fox News, where the host criticized her.

Greene appeared on the April 21 episode of “Sunday Morning Futures” and spoke to host Maria Bartiromo. The anchor pointed out that the congresswoman is taking hits from both Democrats and Republicans over her fight with Johnson. Bartiromo said Greene’s critics have accused her of “creating drama during this election year” and asked how her actions were helping to reelect former President Donald Trump.

Bartiromo asked Greene how her behavior is demonstrating to the American people that Republicans know how to govern and what her response is to her critics.

Greene accused her critics of being the real reason Americans live with drama every day. She said lawmakers on the left and right, in what she calls the “uni-party,” have “inflicted the American people with nearly $35 trillion in debt” and left the US-Mexico border open.

Bartiromo moved on and pressed Greene to tell Fox News’ audience what her “alternative” to Johnson is if she succeeds in pushing him out of the speakership. The congresswoman didn’t get specific or say who was going to replace the speaker. She declared the Republican Party had to give Americans “a reason to trust us and fight for us.”

Greene then started talking about former President Donald Trump and his leadership. Then stated, “Mike Johnson has betrayed America” by passing the Democratic Party’s agenda. She told Bartiromo that “Johnson’s speakership is over” and that he should resign.

The host pointed out the congresswoman didn’t answer the question and asked her again to explain her plan for the speaker’s role.

Greene refused to provide her plan.

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