Attorney and Wife Fatally Attacked by Another Attorney

( – Custody fights can sometimes turn violent and even deadly. That’s what happened in Nevada recently. An attorney is now accused of murdering two people, including another lawyer.

On Monday, April 8, 57-year-old Dennis Prince and his wife, 30-year-old Ashley Prince, attended a custody deposition at Mr. Prince’s law office. Joe Houston II, 77, attended the deposition to represent his son, Dylan Houston, who was the ex-husband of Mrs. Prince. The former couple were trying to hammer out a custody agreement for their two young children.

According to 8 News Now, several others were also in the room with them, including a court reporter and two other lawyers. Journalists obtained divorce records that showed Dylan Houston tested positive for alcohol and cocaine while the children were in his custody and that he also sent abusive messages to Ashley Prince. The court ordered him to take breathalyzer tests before he could spend time with his kids.

Before the meeting on the 8th, Ashley Prince reached out to someone and asked if they could recommend a private security company. She wanted them to attend the meeting because she was in fear of what her ex-husband might do. However, she canceled the security on Thursday, saying her ex wouldn’t be at the meeting.

On the day of the shooting, a judge ordered Ashley Prince’s sister to take temporary custody of the two kids instead of her ex-husband. Clark County District Court Judge Bill Henderson determined it would be bad for the kids.

Joe Houston shot and killed the Princes during the meeting. He then killed himself. Friends of the couple said they recently had a baby of their own. The other people in the room were able to escape and call law enforcement officials.

Prince Law Group issued a statement in the wake of the deaths expressing ”profound sadness.” A spokesperson for the law group asked the public to respect the families involved and give them privacy.

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