Attacker of Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Trial Details Revealed

( – Attorneys for the prosecution and defense in the case of US v David DePape made their opening arguments on November 9 in a Federal courtroom in San Francisco before Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley and a jury. Prosecuting attorney Laura Vartain Horn began. She described the types of evidence and testimony the prosecution would provide to meet its burden of proof. Defense attorney Jodi Linker conceded that the defense would not dispute video evidence but argued the vital importance of understanding her client’s motivations and state of mind or why he took his actions.

Linker rattled off a laundry list of far-rightwing and QAnon conspiracy theories to which her client subscribed. The overarching theme that tied the ideas together was that the federal government and Hollywood elites formed an evil ruling shadow cabal intent on harming children. She explained that while most people might dismiss the theories out hand, her client believed them “with every ounce of his being.”

So, when DePape broke into Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights home to find and question the Speaker, Linker argued that he believed he was on a mission to save children from abuse and dismantle an evil empire. Moreover, the reason he was there was completely “unrelated to Nancy Pelosi’s official duties.”

Vartain Horn told the jury the government would prove that DePape broke into the home intending to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and hold her hostage. When he believed that Paul Pelosi had warned or protected his wife as police arrived, the intruder told the homeowner he would “take the punishment instead” for preventing him from “going after evil” just before attacking him with the hammer.

The first witness for the prosecution, one of the responding officers, described his recollection of the attack and the sound of “iron hitting skull” when DePape struck the blow. Multiple body cameras caught the assault as it occurred. The prosecution intends to show the footage to the jury.

If convicted, DePape could face life in prison. He’s also facing state charges for burglary, attempted murder, elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and threatening a public official, to which he pleaded not guilty. The state court hasn’t yet set a trial date.

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