AOC Issues Big Warning About Trump

( – Former President Donald Trump (R) is in a lot of legal trouble. Currently, he has been indicted on 91 felony counts, and there is a possibility the former US leader could be a felon before the general election in November. That fact, on top of some of the things Trump has been saying on the campaign trail, has given many people pause as to his future in government, and at least one lawmaker talked about how dangerous it could be to the US if he wins the presidency this year.

On February 13, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on CNN during the special election, filling former Representative George Santos’ (R-NY) seat. The interviewer asked AOC if she was “concerned” about President Joe Biden’s (D) age and if he should be the Democratic nominee for president. The lawmaker said both Biden and Trump are around the same age, adding, “They could’ve gone to high school together.” Ocasio-Cortez stated there would be “grave, grave impacts” if Trump wins the presidency again.

The New York legislator said the former president “already tried to…overturn the results of a presidential election by force,” and she is unsure about the integrity of future elections if Trump gets back into the White House. In fact, the former US leader is facing charges for his alleged role on January 6, a case which is currently on hold pending a ruling from the Supreme Court.

The representative affirmed that Biden would be the nominee on the Democratic ticket, calling him one of the “most successful presidents in modern history.” She hopes he wins re-election because, in part, “we need to protect our democracy.” AOC urged voters to take the election seriously. According to average polling from FiveThirtyEight, Biden is leading in the Democratic primary by 67.3%, with Dean Phillips the only other person still in the running against him.

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