Anarchists Intentionally Ignited a Car Fire Near a Democrat’s Residence

( – In November 2022, Rene Gonzalez (D) was elected to the Portland City Council to serve as the commissioner of public safety in Portland, Oregon. The community leader’s biography states that his vision is to build a city that works for everyone, using positive means and data to unify the citizens of Portland. Recent actions show not everyone agrees with Gonzelez’s methods.

On January 12, the Portland Police Bureau reported that the Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a call outside of the commissioner’s home. Someone intentionally set his family member’s car — a 2024 white Honda Accord — on fire. While firefighters were able to extinguish the flames and nobody was injured, the vehicle was destroyed by the blaze. The bureau said the Portland Fire Investigations Unit was investigating the incident as arson. At the time, police had no suspects but asked anyone with information to contact authorities.

Fox News reported that a local blog aimed at anarchists and radicals in the city shared a post in which an anarchist group claimed responsibility for the attack. The post said the blaze was ignited with a “fire starter” anybody could buy at their local “big box store.” The anonymous alleged anarchist said they regretted not setting fire to the two other vehicles parked nearby. They called the crime an “act of community self-defense.” The online post from the alleged anarchists said the fire was a “warning to the politicians and their capitalist cronies.” According to the news source, people on the far Left disagree with the way Gonzalez approaches public safety, the homeless crisis, and livability in Portland.

In February 2023, Oregon Live reported that the commissioner stopped employees of the public safety bureau from distributing tents and tarps to the homeless — temporarily. Gonzalez said people were setting fires inside the tents and under the tarps, causing a danger to not only themselves but nearby residents and firefighters as well. Local non-profits called the action cruel.

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